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I am very thankful to Hari sir and Ponni Ma'am for all their support and motivation from the very beginning of my preparations for the CMA exams.  Hari sir’s style of teaching, using practical real-life examples and case studies, helps in getting an in-depth knowledge about the topics, which is useful not just during the exams but also at work. The personal attention to each student, the mock test conducted, and the tips are given by Hari Sir to follow before and during the exam helped me to approach the exam in a thorough, stress-free manner. Thanks to the entire team of Emerge for all your cooperation and encouragement.
Merlyn Prakash - CMA
“Mastering the certification through a professional mentor is a blessing. ”And I am very much blessed to have Mr. Hari as my mentor throughout my journey towards the achievement of CMA. His teachings related to the topics are very much linked to his enormous experience in the field of Finance & Accounts. The handbooks provided are a concise depiction of the entire topic and are a great timesaver. The time management guidelines provided by him were superb and I have adopted the same in my work-related areas and have attained positive results. Thanks to Ponni Mam and all other staff of Emerge for the guidance and support
Ashis Nair - CMA
Senior Accountant - Freshly Frozen Foods Factory LLC
A simple thank you doesn't adequately express how grateful I am to Mr. Hari, Ponni maam, and the Emerge team for aiding me in achieving my CMA goals. Hari sir Is a phenomenal teacher, who can translate theoretical and practical concepts to a real-world setting. The ease in which he connects to his students really motivated me to effectively balance both my university and CMA studies. All the presentations, mock exams, and homework assignments prepped me to handle the CMA exams in the best way possible. His tips on time management and how to answer MCQs were instrumental in helping me clear both parts of the CMA exam. Hope that Hari Sir continues to flourish and provide beneficial guidance to CMA & CPA aspirants going into the market. I certainly recommend EMERGE to my colleagues and will continue to do so. I'm so glad that I made the decision to join this amazing team during my early career days.
Annet Davison - CMA
By His Grace, I completed my CMA successfully in the first attempt. The credit of this success goes to Hari Sir's excellent teaching, coaching & tips. The guidance which he provided along with exam-taking strategies and mock tests were the main reasons for clearing my CMA's. I also thank Ponni mam for providing strong motivation all across my journey. Also, Emerge's admin staff was always kind and helpful. In the end, I would like to say, "Follow what Hari Sir suggests diligently, and CMA will be easily achievable." I strongly recommend EMERGE if you would like to complete your CMA program successfully.
Imran Sayed - CMA
Senior Consultant/Finance - Oracle
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Hari Sir for playing a pivotal role in my CMA exam preparation. Everything ranging from the course design, study material, Hari Sir's excellent teaching methodology, fun class discussions, and mock exams made the whole learning experience enriching. This CMA journey would not have been made easier if it weren't for the Emerge Team. Thank you once again for your constant guidance and support.
Swancy Furtado - CMA
Hariharan Sir and team were extremely crucial in my journey towards passing the CPA exams within 18 months and I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for all the support and guidance. Hariharan Sir unique style of teaching along with his humor made the classes very interesting. He pushed me to keep working hard and gave me much-needed confidence before my exams. Also, his mnemonics for Audit were one of a kind and worked wonders! Thank you once again to the entire team.
Merrin Ann George - CPA
Audit Associate - KPMG
Mr. Hari has a unique style of teaching that will ensure you not only pass the CMA exam but also understand the concepts and apply it when needed. Coming from an Engineering background and MBA in Finance, there were a lot of concepts especially in Accounting that I found extremely difficult to comprehend. Thanks to Hari Sir and his in-depth industry experience and real-world examples, I was able to pass both the parts with high Scores.
Abishek Nair - BTech , MBA, CMA
Investment Management- Sharjah Government
"I would like to thank the entire team of Emerge for making my CMA dream come true. My journey towards completing the qualification started off very early, as a first-year university student, and I have to thank Hari sir for guiding and motivating me throughout the journey. He had a unique way of explaining complex concepts with his real-life examples that made the understanding of the concepts so much easier and interesting along with complete conceptual understanding. I was able to complete both parts in less than 6 months – thanks to Hari sir for all the wonderful and handy class notes, after class homework, and the preparatory mock tests. Overall, I have enjoyed my learning experience with Emerge and would like to once again thank Hari sir, Ponni ma'am, and the Emerge team."
Sanjana Sridhar - CMA
I really want to thank Sir Hari and Emerge Management for all the effort they have done for me. I was never expecting to achieve my dream without them. CPA study really changed my life and really deserved every second I spent on studying
Mohamed Mahmoud Sobhy - CPA
Internal Auditor, Fujairah Natural Resources Corporation
It was a great experience and fun learning with Emerge. Hari Sir is master of each section of CPA, each of his lectures connects with real-life experiences, I am gonna remember his lectures for decades now. The Emerge admin took care of the application process and made it seamless. Thanks again to the Emerge team for making my dream of being a CPA come true.
Lakshmi Priya - CPA
"When I started my CPA adventure, I did not know what to expect since I was going to be working and studying for the first time. But through Hari Sir's guidance and notes and everyone at EMERGE, I was able to clear off my CPA exams even though it took me some time due to work commitments. I will forever be grateful to him and Madam Ponni for their non stop beliefs and guidance throughout my CPA journey starting from my initial registration till i got my final results.The CPA exam is a challenge but definitely a worthwhile one."
Varun Gopal Iyer - CPA
Assurance Associate - BDO
Thank you, Sir Hari, for helping me achieve one of my goals. Your knowledge, methodology, and patience created an environment that pushed us to dig deeper and work harder. I am proud to say I am now a CMA due to your guidance and support. I am truly grateful and fortunate to not only add another certificate to my portfolio but to have met you, attended your classes, and received a fraction of your immense knowledge and experience. A special thanks go to Madam as well, for maintaining that environment through support and counseling.
Eric Fahim - CIA, CMA, CISA, CRMA
Senior Internal Auditor - Gulf Cryo
"I was always wanted to do a professional certification in the Accounting field and CMA was in my plan. Emerge is one of the finest things ever happened in my life and am truly fortunate to have associated with Emerge. The classes are up to the standard and Prf. Hari teaching style and his ability to put across complex finance concepts in a simple and easy to understand manner helps me to easily adapt to the concept and learn quickly. Thanks to Emerge and the entire team for all your support."
Subhash P. Balan - B.Com, MBA Fin., CMA
Business Analyst - Baxter Ag
I would like to thank Prof. Hariharan for making my dream of becoming a CPA true. His teaching methodology helped me to understand and apply financial concepts. His constant guidance throughout the CPA journey kept me motivated. Prof.'s lectures and handouts provided in the class were very relevant and easy to understand. Joining Emerge was one of the best decisions. Thanks again to the whole team of Emerge Management.
Preeti Shankar - MBA Fin., CMA, CPA
Emirates Airlines
Taking exams after a long break from college is not easy, EMERGE was an ideal place to get started with my CMA journey. I am thankful to Hari Sir for his guidance. He was very motivational, supportive, and always helpful throughout the course. Simple presentation of complex topics, practical examples helped me to understand the concepts easily and in-depth. Hari sir class notes, home works, mock tests were really supportive for me to revise before the exam days. I honestly believe that I couldn't have passed CMA without the help of Hari Sir.
Joshy Varghese - CMA
Senior Accountant - Interiors - PCG LLC
"I would like to thank Hari Sir for his exceptional teaching and support throughout my CMA journey. His unique style of training and his handouts are the best things you can get from Emerge. I am so much privileged to attend his classes and thankful to witness his conceptual teaching style and sharing of his personal work experience which he connects to academics. He measures each and every student of himself thoroughly and he makes everybody comfortable in the class. Even his follow up on home works will make you sit at home and revise the topics. Making our self comfortable with the topics and following Hari sir's guidelines will definitely make a smile on your face end of the day."
Sreekanth K C - CMA
Finance Executive - Emaar Development
Continuing my journey with Emerge from CMA to CPA - I would like to thank Hari Sir for motivating me to participate in the CPA program and also facilitating the selection and processing of documents required for qualification to the program. It has been a roller coaster ride balancing work and study time. Truly grateful for all the assistance and advice that was extended to me by the Emerge team. Dedicated study hours, Wiley videos and notes, mock tests on difficult topics helped me to clear all parts in my first attempt.
Savita Nair - CPA, CMA
Hard work and determination are the key ingredients to success. Passing CPA was a dream and Emerge helped me in fulfilling this dream. I would really like to thank Professor Hariharan for his guidance throughout my journey. I am very happy to have cleared all papers in first attempt and with a good score. Thank you Emerge!!!
Kim Menezes - CPA
Manager, PKF
As a mentor and guide who takes the pivotal responsibility of teaching some of the prestigious and most difficult professional qualifications in the world, Mr. Hari is more than a class above with his unique style of training and ability to comprehend various subjects. Having the pleasure of being a part of his CPA Classes, thanks to his insight during sessions and the experience that he has had in the industry, the ease with which he could explain difficult concepts really helped us as students to gain an in-depth understanding of the subjects. I am very grateful that Mr. Hari was my trainer and mentor from start to finish because, thanks to him, I was able to pass all the CPA subject exams in just about a year's time.
Roohan Makvana - CPA
Audit Consultant
Hari sir changed my perspective of looking at numbers. He blended in CMA concepts with real-world examples and this made learning and application much easier. He is one among the worthiest person to teach ethics as he is an embodiment of ethics.
Nasreen Mahmood - CMA
Finance Specialist
"I am very grateful to Emerge for being my companion in gaining my CMA. It was known to me by my colleague and true enough, Mr. Hari was a very effective mentor. Not only the materials provided were all relevant and effective in equipping my knowledge but also the techniques being shared was a big factor to be able to cope up and manage the time efficiently, a complete package indeed. Wishing for more success to Emerge and may you just continue to live up in your legacy."
Mary Grace Cueto - CMA
A big Thank you to Mr. Hariharan for giving the direction on how to clear the CPA exam at the earliest. I would like to share a couple of quotes that really inspired me during this course. If you dont have the time to do it right, when will you have the time to do it over? “ John Wooden. Losers quit when they are tired. Winners quit when they have won “ Mike Ditka
Kalpesh Oswald Menezes - CPA
Finance Director
It was hard to get back to study routine after an extended period of 10 yrs. As I studied through Emerge Management Training Center, I realized why Emerge is considered to be the best training provider of CMA. The classes of Prof. Hari are in-depth, and I felt that I acquired the practical training. Emerge not only helped me to successfully pass the CMA exams but also enhance my practical knowledge in the Management Accounting domain.
Dibakar Saha - CMA
Senior Internal Auditor - Oasis Investment LLC
"I am really happy to confirm that this feat was made possible with the meticulously methodological and effective training approach adopted and delivered by Emerge. Joining Emerge to pursue CMA was undoubtedly one of the best decisions I took in my life. Hari sir posses a strong business acumen, unblemished mastery of all the exam content areas and brilliant presentation skills. I strictly followed his classroom lectures and hand outs which were instrumental in driving home each and every concept thoroughly and clearly. His relentless genuine motivation throughout the training period kept me on track and helped me face the exams with complete confidence "
Sunil Divakaran - CMA
Senior Accountant - Maximum Media
"With the help of Hari Sir, I have passed all four papers of CPA exam. The journey was not easy but with the support of sir I never quit. The study material and study techniques are the essence of passing the exam. Coming to Emerge Institute was the best decision of my life.I would like to thank Hari sir for transforming my life."
Kashif Pirzada - MBA Finance, B.Com, CPA
Senior Accountant - GR Media Solutions
"I recently completed all sections of the CPA exam and I am very thankful to Emerge for their help. Mr Hari was very helpful in helping me choose the right board for my licensing and other requirements for my enrollment. His detailed notes along with Wiley CPA excel helped achieve my goal. My advice to all future CPA aspirants is to have a clear idea of the contents of each section before attempting them. This will not only give you a good picture of the section but also help you save time. Also, do not give up and lose hope. With dedication, focus, and perseverance, the CPA goal is attainable!"
Preemnath Katare - MBA, CPA
I would like to thank Prof. Hariharan for enabling me to get the CMA Certification. Hari Sir's classroom lectures, real-life industry examples, handouts, homework not only helped me in preparing for the exam, but also gave me a better understanding of the concepts. I also thank Ponni Maam & Emerge team for their constant support and guidance throughout.
Smily D'Costa - CMA
Assistant Manager - Accounts, AHI Carrier Fzc
"Joining Emerge was one of the best decisions that I have taken. Hari sir's training is what has helped me the most. If his systematic method of learning is followed anyone can easily pass CMA. The best part is the teaching style adopted by Hari sir which includes both theoretical knowledge and his personal experiences as well that detail out each concept in depth. The practice questions and mock tests performed by Emerge had helped me well to prepare for my exams from an end to end perspective. Thank you Emerge for helping me achieve my CMA in my first attempt and also within a years time."
Remya Bino - CMA
Finance Senior Associate, ENBD
Thanks to Hari Sir; I cleared both the group in the first attempt even after 5 years of break from studies. Conceptual understanding is very important for passing any professional exam. How much ever problem you do, without understanding the concept clearly you cannot pass. Hari Sir helped me a lot in understanding the concepts clearly and he also correlated his practical experiences to the subject. His stimulation technique is amazing. I could score at least 20 to 25 questions through the technique. Thanks once again to Hari Sir, Madam and Emerge team.
Shiraz KTK - CMA
Senior Manager MCA Auditing
I would like to thank Hari Sir for his exceptional teaching and support throughout my CMA journey. Hari Sirs' knowledge, class lectures, strategies, and examples from his experience have helped me to understand the concepts well. This would not have been possible without the support from my Parents, the Emerge Team, hard work and dedication from my end, and with God's grace.
Solomon Sunny - CMA
Finance Assistant
Hari Sir's classes and handouts are the keys for preparing CMA since it really helps in understanding the concepts well. The explanations which he gives for each concept are truly exceptional and are mostly based on his vast experience in multiple industries. Wiley online test bank portal is another powerful tool, which offers numerous questions with different scenarios, which eventually helps in gaining better insights into each session. Apart from the exam point of view, the accounting exposure which I got from CMA is the best thing I could ask for and also I learned the fact that Perseverance has its own reward
Udaya Shankar - CMA
Senior Accountant, Rashideen International FZC
I take this opportunity to thank Professor Hari and the Emerge team. Professor Hari's unique way of teaching complex topics in a simplified manner along with practical examples helped me to understand the concepts easily. His handouts are the snapshots of the whole syllabus which is very handy before the exam revision. His personal motivation really improved my confidence to clear the CMA exam. Thank you once again, Sir.
Manikandan Premkumar - CMA
Account Manager - HDS
My sincere thanks to Hari Sir and the entire team of Emerge. Initially, I had a lack of confidence in the completion of CMA, since I joined the CMA course after 20 years of the gap from my graduation. My confidence level went high after attended a few classes at Hari Sir. His teaching methodology is amazing. He always uses his own experience as an example, which made my understanding easy. Once again, my sincere thanks to Hari Sir and good luck to Emerge management.
Murali Venkatachalam - CMA
Manager-Accounts - NICO International
One of my dreams was to become a qualified accountant. My dream become reality with the help of EMERGE which is headed by Sir Hari. The lectures, materials, and training environment created by Sir Hari is unique and structured to include his industry experience which really helps to understand complex concepts. Thank you to the full EMERGE team who supports every student throughout their CMA journey.
Domingo Vaz - CMA
Finance Manager
My CMA journey with Emerge was incredible. It was Hari Sir's deep knowledge, vast experience, and ease at explaining concepts that made CMA, a dream come true for me. When my personal life priorities took over and my studenthood was sidelined, it was Hari Sir and Ponni mam's motivation that made me come out with flying colors in CMA. Team Emerge not only helped me pass the exam but also made me identify my potential. I take pride in saying, I'm an Emerge student and forever grateful to Hari sir and Ponni mam.
Uthra Lakshmanan - CMA
For me, CMA was a journey made easy by Prof. Hariharan. The course design - from the intro session to handouts, practice questions, live examples and mock tests made the whole interactive learning process, an enriching experience. A big thank you to Hari Sir for his continuous encouragement and Team Emerge for the much valued support throughout.
Sunod Sundaresan - CMA
Group Finance Manager
I was able to clear my CMA exams both groups within 6 months. Thanks to Hari Sir and Emerge classes, Hari Sir has a the ability to put across complex finance concepts in a simple and easy to understand manner. Hari Sir was always there to solve all my doubts and help me in all aspects for my preparation for the Exams.Thank you Hari Sir.
Santosh D' Almeida - CA, CMA
Finance Manager, Globalink Logistics DWC-LLC
Course design in Emerge is very much systematic (handouts, homework exercise & real life experience sharing) with the view of both gaining knowledge base in the areas defined by IMA and required skills to pass out the exams.Prof. Hariharan's teaching methodology will make the learning process like mountain climbing with sophisticated ladder
Mohamed Yusuf - CMA
Accountant, Bayer Pearl Polyurethane Systems LLC
Joining Emerge was the best decision I took to clear my CMA. This success would not have been possible without the support and guidance of Hari Sir & Ponni Maam. Hari Sir's real life & industry experiences makes the classroom sessions so interesting & insightful. To clear my CMA, i just blindly followed his model of handouts, homework, wiley questions, mock tests & to my delight, it worked fabulously. After the classroom sessions, Ponni Maam played a very important role in guiding, encouraging & motivating me to clear the exam. I strongly believe, education is the investment which pays the best interest. Emerge proves this beyond doubt.
Rony Rajan - CMA
Senior Accountant, Seaways International
It has been a truly invaluable learning experience from Emerge. Hari Sir, I want the entire world to know that I have learnt so much from your constructive effort and guidance.The course gave me a priceless learning experience under the direction of Prof.Hari. It challenged my thinking strategy and enabled me to apply the professionalism to the different profession. The course exceeded my expectations, Thank you very much Sir and Team of Emerge.
Arulkannan Vaigundaraj - CMA
Accounts Manager, Muzoon Holding LLC
I watched online videos about many courses and have experienced how the professors teach. But Prof. Hariharan method and knowledge on the topic were awesome. He always keeps the attendees very attentive & interesting to listen to and gain. He adds spice to the program by adding loads of real-life experiences so that the students can relate every topic to an experience. Choose & Pass. All you need is Classroom Attention, Self-Dedication.
Karunakaran Rethinam - CMA
"Last year, I was scouting for the best review school for CMA aspirants. Now, I am a CMA! I am very thankful to Sir Hari D., for helping me gain better understanding of the Management Accounting concepts. The EMERGE study materials are structured in a way that helped me retain information that is needed to successfully pass the exam. With this, studying was less stressful but very much effective. Special thanks to Mrs Ponni and the rest of the team, for always supporting us and pushing us to study harder. More power and Thank you!"
Marie Grace Canaria - CMA
Accountant, Jubaili Bros SAL
"Prof. Hari and the entire team of Emerge are very instrumental to clear my long pending CPA course. Particularly the amount of moral support that I received from Prof. Hari while pursuing this CPA course is priceless. His tailor-made handouts and coaching methods are simple and very effective. Overall, it is indeed a great experience to study under his guidance."
Narasimhan Varadharajan - CPA
CFO, DSA Group of Companies
For a fresh graduate like me, CMA seemed to be huge endeavour, at the first look. But it was Prof. Hariharan's guidance and motivation, and his team's consistent support that made me slide through this journey with ease. The best parts were Prof. Hari's handouts that made the concepts simple to understand, his efficient classes filled with practical experiences and humor, and the positive ambience at Emerge. Prof. Hari's passion for his profession is truly a big inspiration for students like me, who are at the starting points of our career. I'm extremely grateful to the team of Emerge for supporting me in achieving CMA.
Ishwarya Mohan - CMA
It was indeed a remarkable achievement to pass the CMA exam and I would like to thank EMERGE and team especially Prof. Hari for his relentless passion and dedication to provide exemplary teaching methodologies and motivation to all his students. The CMA review materials of EMERGE and most especially the highly structured and interactive teaching approach of Prof. Hari provided me a competitive edge in clearing my exams in my first attempt. Finally, trust in God and constant prayers allowed me to preserve my confidence and positive attitude during the actual the exam.
Ricardo Jr. Sta. Ana - CMA
Regional Finance Manager, ACE Hardware Middle East FZE
Very few Gurus/teachers dwell in our lives, one of them is Hari sir in my life whose name recently incorporated after a long interval from my days at school. This occurs only when their influence reflects in real life. The learning does make meaningful when we apply those in our lives, in particular our professional lives and this will be achieved when we have clarity by dispelling darkness. The classes of Hari sir provide us clarity and make us conceptually sound in the subjects which allow us to reap efficiency by applying in the right contexts of our professional lives. Special thanks to Madam and administrative staffs of Emerge for their excellent support.
Prasad Muthu - CMA
Division Finance Controller, DUFRY
I have completed both part in first attempt itself and I believe joining with Emerge was the right decision in my career. Mr. Hari's excellent classroom lectures, handouts, homework along with real-life industry examples that all contributed easy to understand the topics & concepts that enabled me to add a mile stone in my career. I would like to say a big thanks to Hari Sir, Madam and all Emerge team for the support and guidance. I will be grateful to Emerge for my success.
Smithesh Kuttikatil - CMA
Accountant, Bukhatir Investments Limited
One who wish to pursue a professional finance certification like CMA, would really need support of an educator like Prof. Hariharan, who has the capability to direct and guide you in the right track. From my experience I am sure, Hari Sir unique teaching style by incorporating his industry experience, simple and easy to follow handouts, home works, well-structured mock tests, combined with our sheer determination and hard work will help us to face CMA exam confidently and to pass. His passion towards his profession is a big inspiration for students. I would like to thank the whole team of Emerge for their ample support and guidance.
Bijoy George - CMA
Consultant, Arcadis International Limited
Passing CPA has really given me a great kick at this stage of my life, thank you for everything. I passed with an average of 85%.Participation in class discussions actively; strong base from Professor Hariharan lecture, slow and steady approach helped me to pass
Tirupathi Rao - CPA
D.G.M.(F&A),Rosy BlueTrading LLC,Dubai UAE
There are many institutes which offer such classes. All can only provide an atmosphere and the means to achieve Students educational goals. But one has to decide and take the plunge themselves. What is most striking and different about Emerge is the method recommended by Hari Sir for approaching CMA studies. If a student follows the method, there is no way he / she cannot clear the exam, provided enough work is done by themselves. The Staff of Emerge is also willing to stand by and help as and when required
Bobby Chacko - EMBA Fin., CMA
Manager - Budgeting & Reporting, Jafz Fze & EZW
I want to extend my deepest gratitude to Mr. Hari for his excellent way of delivering the program. He is able to simplify difficult concepts which assist students who took long study breaks and got lesser study hours due to work and family commitment. If you want to pass in your first attempt trust Emerge methodologies, listen and actively participate in the classroom lectures, do your homework regularly, take all the mock exams then practice, practice, practice. A special thanks to Ms. Ponni as well for the encouragement placed upon me, if it was not for her I still not have the guts and confidence to take the exam.
Ana Carina Adea - CMA
Management Accountant, Alderley FZE
What can I say? Emerge, for sure is one of the best institutes for learners seeking CMA certification can approach. Sir Hariharan has an excellent teaching technique, which if followed by one, will surely in his career. His Guidance, Motivation & Appreciation throughout the course has personally given me enormous confidence. Special Thanks to Madam & the entire admin staff for making this possible for me & helping me in achieving this landmark.
Nausheen Khan - B.Com, CMA
Assistant Financial Manager, JAFZA
Taking up studies after a gap of 10 Years was not an easy task, but thanks to Hari Sir's unique teaching style, planned resources and the entire training structure has enabled me to achieve this prestigious title of CMA.Also strong dedication and hard work is very important to achieve the results. I would like to thank the entire Emerge team and specially Ponni Ma'am for encouraging, guiding and supporting me.
Naina Balakrishnan - B.Com, CMA
Sir Hari's handouts, mock tests and homework are more than enough plus Wiley test banks. I always ensure I never miss sir Hari's lecture class. Emerge has prepared me to be confident. With Emerge help and support, coupled with dedication and commitment to your goal of becoming a CMA, no doubt anyone can become a CMA. To God be the glory. To the one who's reading this, be inspired, enroll at Emerge, study hard. I used to be the one reading the testimonials and by choosing Emerge, now I am the one making the testimonials.
Marizon Arquitola - CMA
Project Accountant
Learning under Hari Sir's guidance has been an amazing experience. His zeal for learning is unparalleled as he constantly innovates himself as an educator. He would present serious insights in a form that’s exciting, engaging thereby etching the concepts permanently in our memory. The fact that I will never forgot his fabulous explanation for standard deviation stands testimony to that. His systemized training methods backed up with excellent resource materials and well-structured mock tests played a vital role in helping me clear my CMA in my first attempt. I highly recommend his expert guidance to all aspiring CMAs. Special thanks to Ponni Madam who was always very helpful in extending her support and cooperation. I would like to extend my gratitude to the staff members too for their kind support.To put it in a nutshell, Hari Sir was, H- HIGH SPIRITED A- AMIABLE R- RESOURCEFUL I - INTELLECTUAL
Rani Chitra M. - B.Com, MBA, CMA
Senior Finance Executive
Big thank you to Hari Sir who has had complete faith in me and encouraged me to study hard. His classes have been so effective; I could directly start attempting the questions. The tools which sir used were effective and student friendly. He has always been approachable and open to resolve any doubts. Mock exams were sufficient to help us to understand our level of knowledge
Mabel Ann Cherian - CMA
Joining EMERGE was the right decision I have made. It would have been impossible without Prof Hari's lectures with live examples, exam oriented approach, continuous guidance and motivation. Thanks to Hari Sir and the entire Emerge team.
Niaz Ahamed - B.Com, CMA
Accounts Manager, Technostream FZCo
It was really because of the systematic and easy methods followed by Mr. Hari and team that helped me to have a professional credential in a short period, thanks Emerge Team.
Moideen Kutty - B.Com, CMA
Accountant, Deyaar Development PJSC
Prof Hari have designed the notes, mock tests, &classes to make sure that anybody can pass this exam if dedication and sincere approach from the student is there. The handouts are sufficient to understand all concepts and rigorous practice on study software will help to pass the Exam.
Krishnadas Paranthody - B.Com, CMA
Sheer determination to be a CMA combined with Sir Hari's guidance and the support from entire Emerge team made this possible for me. Sir's class handouts, amazing charts, mnemonics, exam tips etc. helped me structure my studies, without which it wouldn't have been possible to clear both parts in one window. Lot of knowledge and the practical strategies gained from Sir, have not only helped me get through CMA, but have also guided me sail through my current work place situations. Special thanks to Ponni ma'am for her patience and the admin. support
Sindhu Nair - B.Sc., CMA
Manager - Accounts & Admin., Deugro Emirates Shipping LLC
The destination CPA would have been just in my dreams without Emerge, Sir Hari quality lectures, the quality and adequacy of content. Sir Hari has explained concept so well with mnemonics that it would take bare minimum time to sync in the concept and to retain it forever. Moreover, his own real experiences in corporate world made it easy to understand any concept.
Praveen Alwin Sequeira - B.Com, M.Com, CPA
Group Finance Manager, Gourmet Gulf LLC (MAF Ventures LLC)
Hari sir experience will guide us to achieve our title. His class room teaching style, his lively examples, his humor and mnemonics will make the subject so easy, interesting and will help us to crack the exam. Just trust sir and follow his words, CMA title will be yours. I thank Hari sir, Ponni mam and the entire EMERGE team who supported me throughout my CMA journey and making my dream come true."
Sairam Beeman - B.Com, CMA
Finance Executive, Tejuri Company LLC (Dubai SME)
Hari sir guidance and his exam oriented approach helped me understand the concepts easily, structure my pattern of study and thus helped me pass the exam. Thanks to Hari sir and full Emerge team for the support, guidance and motivation given which helped me to achieve CMA.
Vipin Das - MBA, CMA
Accounts Assistant, Gulf Agency Company LLC
The day I first visited to emerge was my turning point in my life. I was in search of a good teacher for many months to pursue my halted education and by grace of almighty I encounter with my Guru, of course, non-other than Hari Sir. Name itself says everything. I become a CMA and now pursuing CPA, under Hari sir patronage. Thank you Mam for your warm welcome and taking care of my 1st registration till I received my Certificates.
Atul Arun Waghdhare - B.Com, CMA
Chief Accountant, International Tanker Management Ltd.
I 'challenged' myself.I 'pushed' myself.I 'amazed' myself.But I could not have 'GUIDED' myself.Thank you Prof. Hari and Team Emerge for the much needed guidance, without which this achievement would have remained but a dream!
Alaffiya Kapadia - B.Com, CMA, CPA
"Hari sir, because you believed in me, I never gave up and finally I am become a CMA qualified, you teaching skill is very effective and more focus on concept with very good technique to solve the answer quickly, which helps student to manage their time effectively. I remember your words hard work and practice is the path for success.Special thanks to emerge staff for their co-operation and support. Thanks a lot."
Rajesh Butala - B.Com, CMA
Accounts Manager, Aujan Industries LLC
It is great pleasure to Pass CPA Exam, it took lots of efforts, God's Grace and Primarily support from Hari Sir. Nothing would have even accomplished without his support and guidance. Thank you Sir and Mam who equally supported me in this achievement.
Priya Ramesh - B.Com, MBA Fin., CPA
Chief Accountant, Consilium Middle East FZC
I would like to thank Emerge and in particular Hari Sir in helping me reach a key milestone in my Career. The course structure is well laid out and most importantly kept Simple. Hari sir teaching is a symphony to your ears and examples that he uses to strengthen the foundation, are things that resonate with your everyday life. In a nutshell, for you to emerge victorious you need to be in Emerge.
Shyam Sundar - B.Com, CA, CMA
Finance Analyst, Shell EP International Ltd.
I was an aspiring CMA few months ago, and within a span of 6 months team Emerge transformed my aspirations into reality. This would not have been possible without hard work, perseverance, determination and of course Hari sir coaching. Hari sir has a secret formula for success which he uses all the time to produce best results. His classroom lectures, real-life industry examples, handouts, homeworks and mock tests not only helps us in our exam preparations but also makes us understand the concepts better. Also emerge has a team of admin staffs who never cease to provide us the required support.
Subash Ganesan - B.Com, MBA Fin., CMA
In my case the catalyst is Prof. Hariharan, who has plenty of practical experience which you yourself can correlate when you attend his classes and resourceful knowledge in every aspect that he teaches. I feel CPA is easier than Chartered Accountancy and Company Secretary Courses because of Prof. Hariharan guidance, teaching approach and his own study material, Especially his class notes are simply superb and they help me a lot to clear concepts which are very critical for CPA exams.
Venkat Reddy - M.Com, FCA, ACS, CPA
Senior Manager – Corporate Accounts, Sobha Group
Without Hari Sir guidance, practical examples, and sheer dedication, it was not possible to pass the exam. I started to study after a gap of 13 years and it was not easy to pursue this certification but perseverance along with hard work helped me to pass the CMA.
Anuj Gupta - B.Com, M.Com, CMA
Branch Manager, Al Razouki Exchange LLC
Interactive & energy packed classes, motivations, well conducted mock tests, study materials and examination strategy from EMERGE were the keys to my success.I would definitely recommend Emerge not only for CMA classes but also for any other course conducted by Hari Sir. Thanks to all the Emerge team members for the Fantastic support extended.
Bhaskar Parameshwaran - M.Com, PGDFM, CMA
Finance Manager, Click Aviation Network DMCC
I met Sir Hari a year ago with a desire to get a US accounting certification. A short conversation convinced and motivated me to choose CPA. His classes were so lively and printed notes acted as a ready reckoner during exam preparation. I am thankful to Emerge for the guidance and support rendered throughout the course.
Cyril George - FCA, CPA
Chief Accountant, Prime Projects International, Dubai
The moment I met Hari Sir, I immediately realized that, he is the "Guru" which I was missing in my life. His style of teaching, practical approach to solve difficult problems easily, short forms of key terms which was indeed a great help to remember critical concepts during exam, notes, mock tests and homework had helped me to not only prepare myself better for the exams but also helped me in improving my technical knowledge and understanding of concepts.
Sachin Kumar - M.Com, MBA, CPA
Finance Manager, VLCC Middle East and Africa
I specially thank Hari Sir for his excellent teaching methodology with emphasis on conceptual understanding, study materials, Continuous guidance and motivation. Without Emerge it would not have been possible to complete IFRS.
Nimesh Doshi - IFRS
Finance Manager, Golin Harris, Dubai, UAE
Professor Hari classes were clear and concise and were given special attention on many US specific topics in the subjects. The classes, notes and Wiley texts were a complete package which helped me to clear CPA in a short period. My sincere thanks to Hari Sir and the Emerge team for all their help in this period.
Saaji Bhaskaran, AICWA - CPA
Financial Controller, Arc International Middle East
Coming from an IT background, it was a difficult choice to do a Hardcore Financial program. ACCA IFRS helped me to leverage my knowledge and skills towards the Financial domain.Systematic training and guidance from EMERGE was crucial for me to clear this exam in first try.
Aneesh M. Antony - IFRS
ERP/HYPERION Consultant, MKM Commercial Holdings
EMERGE was instrumental in helping me succeed on the CPA exam. The study material is well-organized, the instructor is knowledgeable, and the practice questions are both extensive in scope and similar to the actual test. I would recommend EMERGE to anyone looking to pass the CPA exam.
Praveen Joseph Sequeira ICMA, MBA - CPA
Manager Finance & Accounts, ROTOPAK (INDEVCO Group)
My class room sessions was prolific, I was very much pleased with the way Prof. Hariharan handled the class. It far surpassed my expectation. At the end it gave me the prestigious CMA title and now I see my career started moving towards the right direction
Shafee Mohamed - BA - CMA
Accounts Manager, Aujan Industries LLC
Prof. Hari’s class notes, live examples, homework evaluations, mock tests, all these made it easier for me to clear the exams, for someone who took a long study break of more than 10 years. It would be my pleasure to learn from Encouraging, Motivating, Energetic, Result oriented, Goal seeking and Efficient Prof. Hari.
Peer Mohamed - B.Com - CMA
Finance Manager, Aujan Industries LLC
There is no royal road to anything. One thing at a time, all things in succession. That which grows fast, withers as rapidly. That which grows slowly, endures.” Education sustains for life and an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. I was amazed to perceive Hari Sir’s passion towards teaching and sharing knowledge, unique teaching techniques which last long in memories.
Simi Viji Abraham - CMA
Customer Financial Services Representative- Senior Federal Express International Inc
I am much pleased on achieving the degree of CPA. Prof. Hari’s teaching methods were creative, engaging, and effective. He enlightened concept with real examples which made it easy to grasp and do good in the exam. I would like to thank Prof. Hari and Emerge team for motivation and support.
Chintan Acharya - MBA - CPA
Accountant , Tebodin Middle East Ltd.
I am greatly delighted on achieving the professional degree of CPA. Needless to say, the entire Emerge team has helped me in no small measure on attaining this professional certification (CPA) after my CMA. Prof. Hariharan's all-round approach including the focus areas, notes (especially FAR and Auditing) and the comfortable classroom atmosphere made the journey stress free.
Jolly Eldho - CPA
Finance Controller, Jaleel Holdings L.L.C
It was an excellent experience in Prof. Hari’s class & knowledge gathered during the course from him has given me a sudden growth in my professional life. Thanks to Prof. Hari for the support given to me to clear CPA and I did not even feel difficulty at any time during the course.
Abdul Khader - CPA
Assistant Finance Manager, Rasasi Perfumes
Prof. Hari's knowledge and his interesting class lectures and teaching methods enabled me to understand the concepts better. I followed his simple approach and the study methodology which made my passing CMA easier. I thank him and the entire team of EMERGE for making my journey to CMA simple and achievable.
Srivatsan Ramachandran - CMA
AVP – Finance, BNP Paribas
I remember in some classes he shared relevant experiences of his own which made the classes very interesting. When the topics got tough, he lightened our fears with tips like “GOK” only an Emerge student would understand. Personal drive, Sir's guidance and God’s grace helped me clear both my CMA parts in the first attempt itself and within a span of a year.
Nima Jacob, B.Com - CMA
Payroll Accountant , Petrofac
Undergoing training for CPA in Emerge Institute was the key to my success in CPA exam. Prof. Hariharan has an unique style of teaching, the theory classes coupled with practical approach helped to make the subject more easier to me.
Murari Balachandran - CPA
Management Accountant, Emirates Driving Institute
“Thanks to Hari sir and team Emerge for equipping me to clear my CPA exams without any difficulty. His teaching techniques are unique and his lecture notes helped me to get the concepts clear which is very critical for CPA exams, plus the homeworks and mock-tests makes sure you are fully set for the exam. Once again I truly thank each and every member of Emerge team!!”
Rathish Kumar - CPA
Manager - Central Operations, Joyalukkas Exchange
The teaching style, exam oriented approach and guidance by Professor Hariharan and the Staff has helped me in understanding the concepts and clearing CMA on the first attempt. The mock exams were very useful in improving speed and finding out your problem areas.
Saju Sundaresan- MBA - CMA
Administrative Manager, Plaza Rent A Car
I passed both CMA parts at my first attempt in a single window in less than 7 months. I attended all classes and followed his instruction thoroughly till my exams and also my dedication, determination & hard work are the secret of the success. Thank you so much Hari Sir for the excellent classroom sessions, Madam and Emerge team for the great support.
Joe N George, B.Com, MBA - CMA
Finance Manager, BMC Gulf Group
I would like to thank the excellent training and coaching of Prof Hariharan and the support of Emerge Team. The lessons were well-structured to cover the entire subject and the explanations clear providing practical examples. Thanks to the teaching methods of Emerge I could pass the two CMA exams at the first attempt.
Simone Garbuio - MBA - CMA
Finance Manager.
The hallmark of the institute is undoubtedly Hari Sir classes his blend of Conceptual clarity and Understanding of the subject matter coupled with his diversified practical experience and occasional humor makes the classes nothing short of brilliant. Outside the classroom Ponni Madam makes Emerge feel more like a home rather than just an educational institution with her patience, energy and enthusiasm in dealing with us and her warm, pleasant and absolutely down to earth demeanor right from the very first meeting. The support staffs including Charmaine, Joanna and Rose are always very helpful, pleasant and ready to answer any of your queries
Rahul Thomas - CPA
Emirates Islamic Bank
Joining with EMERGE gave me a strong foundation for the entire CPA course. Prof. Hari Sir exceptional teaching techniques along with real life examples make even difficult concepts easier to understand. Thanks to Emerge team in achieving CPA within a short period of time.
Roby Joseph - CPA
Finance Manager, Al Dobowi FZE
One needs something interesting in the class which will persuade him/her to attend regularly and enjoy the studies. Here I found the live examples given by Prof. Hariharan as “simply amazing”. I thank Emerge Team for their enormous support which has helped me to clear the CMA exam.
Harish Babu - CMA
Finance Analyst, Lloyd’s Register
Studying CPA was the best decision I did for myself last year and Emerge was the wise choice. What Prof. Hari teaches with his living examples will help you improve your skills and knowledge, not just during the course, but beyond. Thanks to Hari Sir and his team.
Suresh Ramunni - CPA
Manager, Aquachemmie DMCC
I had taken up this course after a long gap in my career. Thanks to Prof. Hari. His unique teaching skills and efficient Emerge team helped me to clear this course in less than one year.
Rakesh Kumar - CMA
Senior Accountant, Ten Cate Thiolon ME LLC
In the Institute Hari sir takes what is relevant for the exam and clears the concepts very well. He also gives various examination tips which are very useful for the time bound objective type exam. He is powerhouse of knowledge, how to extract is in the hands of student.
Lekshminarayanan - CMA
Finance Manager, Al Nabooda Interiors LLC
I went through Emerge website and profile of Prof. Hariharan and became obsessed with his educational achievements and professional experience. Since that day, Prof. Hariharan is a role model for me. Perfect and well planned class room sessions, updated and relevant study notes and excellent teaching skills of Prof. Hariharan is the secret recipe of Emerge that has helped me in passing CPA exam with decent score.
Prasad Bapat - CPA
Finance Controller, Henwood General Trading LLC
Joining Emerge was the best decision I had taken for my CPA preparation. Classroom lectures, real life examples, Power Point, study notes and mock tests had helped me to clear CPA within 12 months in first attempt. I would like to say a big thank you to Hari Sir, Madam and all Emerge team for their support.
John George Kottarathimyalil - CPA
Assistant Manager Accounts, Malsons Trading Company
There was no right decision than joining Emerge Institute when I decided to pursue for CPA. Prof. Hariharan sir teaches his students the right approach to face exam and his students results tells how successful he is and personally for me by passing all papers in first attempt. Thank you very much Hariharan Sir and his entire support team especially Madam, who is always available for boundless support.
Bhaskar Unnikrishnan - CPA
Assistant Manager Accounts, WME Consultant
CPA course has indeed deepened my knowledge. The advices, guidance and encouragements given by Emerge were very helpful throughout the course and helped me to pass the exam without much hassle.
Eapen Abraham - CPA
Finance Manager , Netizency FZ LLC.
I want to thank all of you for the energy and motivation during the class. Prof Hari class gave me confidence and very instrumental. Choosing Emerge is one of the best decisions I made. Thanks to Emerge to turn my dream into a sweet tangible reality and thanks to Above Almighty.
Michael Janbert Alentajan-Parco - CMA
Good teaching is more of giving the right questions than giving of right answers along with INSPIRE the hope, IGNITE the imagination and INSTILL the love for learning. This is what we ALL have witnessed at EMERGE. Heart-felt thanks to Prof. Hariharan & entire EMERGE TEAM.
Shameej Avunhippuram - CMA
Management Accountant, American Hospital
The clarity with which Hari Sir conducted his classes made it easier for a person like me coming from a non-accounting background to fully grasp the concepts.In addition, the notes, homework questions and mock tests helped in mental retention and thoroughness with all the fundamentals.
Nischit Sharma - CMA
Assistant Manager, Jumbo Electronics
Trust is the key with Sir Hari. Just believe in whatever he has to say. Trust the materials, trust his opinions, trust his intuitions and most of all, trust his knowledge. He is more than a teacher - he is a mentor. A mentor whom you can depend on, a mentor who pushes your abilities to the limit and a mentor whom you can believe. Once you dedicate yourself to his program, you are on your way to success in your career and beyond.
John Ivan Villanueva - CMA
Deputy Chief Accountant, BetterHomes LLC
What can I say? For sure Prof. Hari is one of the best instructors that I have studied with. The classes are very effective, coaching with study materials and mock tests helps lot to achieve the CMA certification with great confidence. I thank Prof. Hari and Emerge team.
Nitin Ramchandani - CMA
Chief Accountant, Al Zahra Private Hospital Dubai
I have to say that Hari Sir and Emerge team helped me effectively pass CMA. I strictly followed Hari Sir advises as well as exam preparation strategy, which helped me to achieve this. I strongly believe that education is the best investment in this modern and competitive world. Thank you very much Hari Sir and Emerge team for the great support.
Sreejith Karunakaran Unnithan - CMA
Chief Accountant, Print Central FZ LLC
“Education can be a head game… an affair of the mind. But teaching is an affair of the heart. If you are like me, you probably can think of one or two teachers in your lifetime that have changed how you view yourself and the world, and thus, helped change your future. Those ‘magicians’ are the ones that challenge us; encourage us to dream and to achieve” Borrowed from Cotsen.A true example of the above quote is Hari Sir. Only few can make the difference and he is undoubtedly one among to inspire. Thank you for everything to make my CMA reality. An Engineer and Novice to Finance Field doesn’t stop me to clear both the parts in a shortest time and the entire credit goes to the guidance and support from the entire Emerge team. Thank you.
Manivannan Shanmugam - CMA
Service Delivery Manager, Al Tayer Group
This success would not have been possible without the support, encouragement and guidance of Hariharan Sir, Madam and the entire Emerge team. The classroom lectures for the CMA course conducted by Hari Sir were truly fabulous, interesting and he always asked us to believe in ourselves and give a 100% commitment to the course, which will help us clear the exam in the very first attempt. Hari Sir's weekly homework assignments and the mock tests before the exam truly gave me a great insight on the level of preparation required.
Srikala Prabhu - CMA
Senior Accountant (Pre-Audit), Arenco Real Estate, Dubai
This is much more than a course, it has been a life enriching experience. If ever there was a wisdom in a nutshell, it is here in this course under Sir Hari. Amazingly excellent delivery, exceptional lecture and review materials with good practical applications. A course which added the most value to any student. Plus a Prof. who teaches us to think equals CMA certification in just 4 months.Thank you so much Sir and to the whole EMERGE Team.
Mary Grace Badillo - CMA
General Accountant, Freedom Management Consultancy
My Journey to becoming a CMA was not an easy one. I started up from knowing nothing to becoming a CMA after going through failure. With the support of Prof. Hariharan and the Emerge team & with my sheer determination, and hard work I managed to pass the CMA exam. I came to know that success comes to those who NEVER GIVE UP!
Malcolm Claudius Monteiro - CMA
Assistant Manager – Finance, Panasonic Marketing ME & A FZE
Sir Hari is a wealth of knowledge and his interesting class lectures and teaching methods enabled me to understand the concepts well. I simply followed Sir Hari's advice and his exam preparation strategy to clear both parts in my first attempt. Of course, this would not have been possible without hard work & dedication from my end, and strong moral support from my family and my employer.
Nisha D'Souza - CMA
Group Reporting Accountant, Petrofac Limited
I thank Professor Hariharan and the entire Emerge Team for their continuous support, guidance and exam oriented approach which has enabled me to clear the CMA exam.
Scarlet Rodrigues - CMA
Accounts Executive, Federal Express Inc.
First at all I would like to say Al Hamdullah that I got my second certificate, the first one it was 9 years ago ACPA and CMA is the second one, my advise to all candidates is to study hard and to solve as much they can MCQ, at the end I would like to thank Mr. Hari for his efforts and support and to extend the same to his team
Yousef Izzat Jaber - CMA
Finance Department, Juma Al Maijd Group
Passing the CMA exams in was made a breeze by Emerge. A clear & concise, up to date content and well presented material along with some dedication was all that was required for me to pass my CMA exams in first attempt. I would like to extend a big thank you to Mr. Hari for his support on helping students.
Stanford Martin D Silva - CMA
Accountant, Abdul Latif Jameel International - DMCC
Good teacher explains, superior teacher demonstrates and great teacher inspires. Professor Hariharan knows teaching is more than imparting knowledge, it is inspiring for change. Timely & effective guidance of Prof. Hariharan gave me the courage & confidence to clear both parts of CMA in a single window. Thanks a lot Team EMERGE.
Aneesh Kumar - CMA
Finance Executive, Dubai
Emerge Management Training Center provides unique support to educate and train students pursuing CMA course.I am impressed by the expertise and facilities provided by Hariharan Sir and remain grateful to him and his staff for my success in clearing both the groups of the CMA exam in first attempt.I would definitely love to return to Emerge Institute and learn more.
Dhananjai Saturdekar - CMA
Manager - Finance and Accounts
Hari Sir’s way of teaching with the tips from his practical experience helped us understand the concepts very clearly. It was easy for us to remember it forever. By the grace of God and the confidence, guidance and support given by Hari Sir and his team, I got passed both parts at first attempt. Thank God, Hari Sir and team Emerge.
Samson John - CMA
Chief Accountant , Al Ryum Group of Companies
Today I am a CMA professional. I would have never been able to achieve this without the lectures of Prof Hariharan. The classes were very effective as the first thing was to learn the concepts, understand with practical examples, do similar questions and follow up on the home work. Last but not the least, 100% dedication from the student side is very important to achieve the result.
Dheeraj Emmidi - CMA
Chief Accountant, Jotun Powder Coatings UAE LLC
It was not an easy task for me to go back to a study mode once again at this age. Balancing my work life and my personal needs along with studies would have been very difficult if I did not plan and prepare the right way. Prof. Hariharan was extremely helpful and resourceful in teaching us and in helping me to achieve this milestone. The interesting and informative classes helped me and motivated me to learn well and succeed in securing a CPA. 'Emerge' was indeed the right choice I made to pursue this degree. Best wishes to you and your team.
K.G. Vincent - CPA
Director Finance, FDC International FZE
Joining Emerge was the best decision which I had taken. With the help of Prof. Hariharan's guidance and encouragement, I was able to clear both my papers in CMA. I thank the entire team of Emerge for helping me to get through this milestone by their high standards of education and wish them all the best.
Ramesh Pondanath - CMA
Chief Accountant, BASF Middle East LLC
The concepts are explained by Prof. Hari in a very practical format with ease in application and ultimately result oriented. The study discipline and time management skills instilled in me through my training at EMERGE will guide me in my future endeavors.I thank Prof. Hari and the entire team at EMERGE for their support to help me achieve my goal
Tania Dcosta - CMA
Finance Manager, Aviatrans International
It was Hari Sir's simplistic and exam oriented approach of teaching CMA subjects has helped me to attain this degree within one year. I would like to extend my gratitude towards Hari sir and his team at Emerge, motivated me in my endeavor.
Yogesh Shinde - CMA
Finance Manager, Litwin PEL. LLC
I passed both groups of CMA within 4 months with scores of 430 and 450.I would like to thank Hariharan Sir from the bottom of my heart. It takes a lot of heart and passion to quit the comforts of a full time well paid job to jump into teaching profession but I am glad he did. Hariharan has perfect mastery of the entire CMA portion and he has the ability to teach the important concepts, formulae and portions in small capsules.He uses his 25 years of experience to give practical examples which helps us fall in love with the modules. Keep going Sir! I am living testimony that your method of teaching works.Thank you Ma’am and team Emerge for helping me out with the CMA registration, who were there from day 1 and their smiles everyday is enough to ease tension and make the entire learning experience more relaxing and comforting.Thank you all once again!
Steven Thomas George - CA, CMA
Sir Hari didnt teach me how to pass CMA only, he also taught me to stop dreaming and start achieving... Prof. Hari is a great teacherThanks to him, Madam & Emerge team!
Ahmed Farouq Manna - CMA
Finance Manager, Juma Al Majid
Prof Hariharan and the team at EMERGE offer an end to end package to clear CPA to all the aspiring candidates. The support is extended right from registration till you get the license. The class room sessions, study materials, mock tests, practice questions and most importantly the guidance on the study and exam approach really helps every candidate to achieve the goal in the shortest span of time. Thanks to EMERGE for helping me achieve this qualification.
Rajendra Menon - CPA
DGM-Finance, Landmark Retail
Hari Sir has an aura of inspiration. His exceptional teaching method makes the concepts clear and subject more interesting. Being a full time working Mother, there were times when the path didn't look easy, but Sir's unceasing support and drive, kept me going.... At Emerge I have learnt that to achieve anything we need 2 things – Plan & Determination.
Neha Patel - CPA
Finance Manager, Petrofac
Hariharan Sir regularly reminds students that they should understand the concepts well and practice maximum number of questions in order to succeed in CPA. I can confirm that this is indeed true and perseverance & focused studies are keys to success in CPA. Mock-tests and classroom lectures at Emerge were highly useful for my success.
Laveena Rodrigues - CPA
Supervisor, Emaar
Hari sir's unique, down to earth and practical way of imparting knowledge and also in reaching out to students is par excellence. I would advise all students to follow the classes very closely, do the homework, attend mock tests which will ensure that one day you will walk out proudly with that special professional accreditation in your hands.Special thanks to Madam and the entire support team at Emerge for their fantastic support throughout my journey, for CMA and now CPA.
Dinesh Suvarna - CPA
Vice President / Head of Finance & Human Resources, My HD Media FZ LLC.
So grateful to Prof. Hari for such an incomparable coaching and to the entire Emerge team for their boundless support. Yes, I fell short from both parts in my first attempt. Yet, they inspired me to pursue that goal with their words of encouragement. My 3D formula; “Devotion, Discipline, Determination”. To God be the Glory!
Alfred Dicdican - CMA
Accounts Assistant, Gulf Agency Company
Praise be to Almighty, passing both CMA parts in first attempt is definitely attributed to Prof. Hariharan. His excellent teaching techniques & amazing class lectures cleared my concepts and made it really easy for me to get back to books after 7yrs. Icing on the cake was extremely supportive and helpful Emerge team who made the entire process so smooth & memorable.
Mohamed Yusuf Jaffery - CMA
Finance Manager, KCA International Ltd. (UAE & Hong Kong Office)
I would like to thank Emerge & Professor Hariharan for a clear guidance and methodology to help me to pass my CMA exams in first attempt within one year. Professor Hariharan's excellent strategy of preparation for exams, handouts, compressed notes & motivational lectures are keys which help students to achieve 100% success for CMA exams.
Neelam Madnani - CMA
Assistant Manager, Ernst & Young
Expertise advice, proper guidance and ample notes and presentations from Prof. Hariharan have helped me to achieve my CMA goal. Emerge team has been very supportive in helping me to prepare for exam and also gave emotional support which provided great confidence.
Dana Das - CMA
Senior Accountant, Halleburton
Hard work, dedication, prayers and of course the encouragement and motivation from professor Hari sir helped me to give both the parts in a single window which made my CMA dreams true. I thank Emerge for the continuous support, guidance and their excellent examination strategy!
Shancy Puthanparambil Varghese - CMA
Joining Emerge was the best decision I had taken for my CMA preparation. Classroom lectures, Study Notes and Mock Tests had helped me to achieve CMA within 6 months. I thank Prof Hari and the entire Emerge Team for their whole hearted support and co-operation. I really appreciate all of your time and patience, and truly thank you!!
Saji Cyriac - CMA
I passed all four papers of the CPA exam. The classroom sessions were very interesting and besides the course, knowledge was imparted on practical aspects, real life examples, which was equally valuable. Thanks to Hari Sir and all team members at Emerge.
Tamding Wangdi - CPA
Assistant Manager, NBQ
I came to Emerge with mixed thoughts whether I should join for the CPA. Prof. Hariharan encouraged me with proper advise gave me the confidence to go for the course. His teaching method is excellent with proper real life experience. I think that I could not have passed all the four papers at first attempt without the guidance of Prof. Hariharan and team.
Jis Sebastian - CPA
Finance Manager, White Sands Tourism & Travel
I completed my CPA qualification this month and have opened up new doors of opportunities for myself. Prof. Hariharan gives practical insights of real life industry experience making it very easy for the students. Patience, Perseverance and Practice are the three pillars of success.
Amit Vasant Karode - CPA
Head of Operations NBAD Investment Management (DIFC) Limited
I cleared both parts in the first attempts, especially Part 2 within 2 months period only because of Professor Hari's exam-focused class lectures, practical examples from his experience, mock tests, and Million dollar notes. EMERGE good exam strategy, hard work and excellent professional support and training by a Guru like Hari Sir = Success Follows our Way.
Vivek Kottala - CMA
Accountant - Joint Ventures, African+Eastern (NE) BVI Ltd, Dubai, UAE
I am delighted to have cleared my CMA (both parts) on my first attempt within a span of 5-6 months. Prof. Hari's teaching style, quality materials, notes, last but not least, unwavering commitment from my side were instrumental in my success. Special thanks to the entire Emerge team for their support throughout/
Anand Lobo - CMA
Manager-Finance Meraas Holding LLC, Dubai, UAE
Thanks to Prof. Hariharan who guided me not only on the subject matter but the technical aspects for CPA application and suggested a feasible roadmap of completion of all papers in 6 months time frame. Mock tests were of great help to keep on track with the studies. I am glad to have cleared all papers in the first attempt and with very good score. Glad to be associated with the Emerge Team and many thanks to Prof. Hariharan and the Emerge staff
Sachin Joshi - CPA
PKF, Dubai UAE
I choose to learn from the best. When it comes to learning, Prof. Hari is a person who is skillful, humble, passionate, teaching from personal experience, and excited to show you the way. What he teaches you helps you improve your knowledge, not just during the course, but beyond.
Prita Radhakrishnan Unny - CMA
Finance (Payments) - Tanfeeth, Dubai, UAE
CPA exams are not easy and you need help and guidance to prepare for them. Emerge provided the necessary help for me in the form of lecture notes and guidance, which along with my hard work and dedication, helped me pass the exams.
Anson Pinto - CPA
I had joined Emerge for focused learning of the International Financial Reporting Standards. Mr. Hariharan's sessions/handouts provided the necessary guidance and direction that helped me clear the Dip in IFRS exam conducted by the ACCA institute.
Bhuvaneshwari Satish - IFRS
Finance Manager - Emirates Airlines
I am much delighted on achieving the professional degree of CPA. It is like a EUPHORIA. The Professor's approach of lucidly explaining the concepts, coupled with exam-oriented teaching and sharing practical instances/ experience, makes review sessions very interesting. Emerge notes are an excellent source of material for revision, especially the notes of Auditing and FAR subjects. Personal assistance for strategizing the approach for clearing the examination is worth appreciable.
Samir Shah - CPA
Audit Analyst - Emirates Airlines
I was able to complete all four sections of CPA exam in the first attempt. Class room notes, study materials, PowerPoint presentations and Wiley question bank helped me to clear the exam in 10 months.Interactive nature and real life examples made the class room lecture very lively and interesting. I would like thank Prof. Hariharan and Emerge team for their guidance and support.
Malik Muazzam - CPA
Financial Controller, Etihad Engineering, Abu Dhabi, UAE
I owe my success to Prof. Hariharan who is very knowledgeable and has extensive experience. Am happy that I took the right decision to join emerge and am thankful to all the staff of Emerge who have been very cooperative to help me realize my dream. If you are serious about a CMA or CPA, all you need to do is put in your best efforts and follow the guidance from Prof. Hari.
Susha Thomas - CMA
Voucher Examiner - US Embassy Abu Dhabi, UAE
Clearing CMA is hard but Emerge made it easy for me. Emerge is the best for coaching with excellent ambiance. EMERGE made it easy to understand the concepts. I am so happy that I selected Emerge for my CMA program and looking forward for my long relation with them and for my future courses
Jeshin Hussain - B.Com - CMA
Senior Audit Associate, Ethics Plus Dubai, UAE
God's grace, Dedication, Hard work and Perfect Guidelines lead to the success in life. For my CMA, Hari Sir and staff in Emerge lead and walk along to my success point. Thanks from my heart to Hari Sir and Emerge and wish all happiness.
Vinod Jacob - CMA
Senior Accountant, DNO Middle East, Dubai, UAE
I would like to express my gratitude to Emerge for excellent coaching, study materials, friendly staff and adequate support and guidance for helping me to pass exams. I can sincerely suggest EMERGE without any reservation to future aspirants of CMA.
Santhosh Kumar - V.P, B.Com - CMA
Chief Accountant, Gregori International, Dubai, UAE
My success in passing both CMA exams on the first try and in less than one year is a direct result of Professor Hariharan's proprietary methods of problem-solving, his ability to keep me motivated to finish, and the Emerge team's customer service to support me as a candidate. I attended the classes, used the materials provided, and had great success, most highly recommended if you want to save yourself much time and money in getting positive results. Well worth it!
Jason Gibb - CMA
Manager, West Gate Real Estate
Joining Emerge was the best decision I had taken. With the help of Prof. Hariharan's guidance and encouragement, I was able to clear both my papers in CMA within 5 months. I thank the entire team of Emerge for helping me through this milestone and wish them all the best
Oliver Monteiro - CMA
Accountant Trane BVBA, Dubai, UAE
I am really proud to be part of EMERGE. I believe success in any competitive examination is not only possible without hardwork, sincere efforts but also proper guidance. I was really lucky to have guidance and support from Prof. Hariharan for my success in CPA exam. His advice and personal repo with each student makes EMERGE different from other training institutes.
Ashutosh - CPA
Finance Manager, Unigulf Group, Dubai, UAE
Getting back to studies after a gap of more than 15 years was never an easy task. But thanks to Emerge Mgmt. Training Center and especially Prof. Hariharan which made my dream of becoming a CMA possible. Hari Sir's class lectures, notes, exam tips and mock tests helped me to EMERGE successfully.
Julie Joseph - CMA
Asst. Finance Manager Global Operational Support FZE
Unlike finance professionals or Accountants, being an HR Professional for 20+ years, it was difficult for me to comprehend financial reporting. But Prof. Hariharan with his extensive experience, up to date knowledge of subject matter, professional anecdotes and amazing training delivery style, has made complete CMA course very interesting and comprehensible. I recommend Emerge Management Training Center, for their high standards, namely exhaustive course coverage and tight schedule (no postponement and no overstretching training hours).
Ebbi Chacko - CMA
HR Operations Manager Emirates Islamic Bank
With the support of Emerge, I cleared both parts of exam in first attempt in just over 4 months. Everything at Emerge, the lectures, study materials, class room and friendly staff are excellent and I can happily suggest ‘Emerge’ without any reservation to future aspirants of CMA & CPA.
Mahroof Babu. K - B.Com - CMA
Accountant, KLM Royal Dutch, Dubai UAE
Thanks to EMERGE for their continuous support, guidance and excellent examination strategy for completing my CMA degree.
Ashok Mewani - CMA
Financial Controller Wilhelmsen Ships Service
I would like to express my gratitude to “EMERGE Management Training Center” for the magnificent delivery of knowledge, and team for helping and guiding me to pass CMA exam (Part 1 & 2).
Bino Thomas - B.Com - CMA
Accounts Executive, RHS Logistics, Dubai UAE
Excellent coaching from EMERGE made me a professional. His wisdom and knowledge helped me to tread the road to success.
Biju Ala - B.Com - CMA
Senior Accountant, Havells Sylvania Dubai, UAE
I was not confident about pursuing any professional qualification. Prof. Hari's guidance has changed my entire perspective about life. It's only because of his Guru Mantra that I am holding a prestigious credential of CMA.
Bhushan Ashok Vaidya - CMA
Assistant Manager - Finance Roto Packing Materials Industry Co. LLC
Mr. Hariharan has been my source of inspiration. He never fails to encourage, help and support his students in their endeavors. I have taken up CPA after clearing CMA, purely on the faith of his ability to guide me.
Oindrilla Sen Gupta - B.Com, ACMA - CMA
Finance & Accounting Manager, Tata Steel International, Dubai UAE
With dedication, determination and preparation --- nothing is impossible. Those were the values that were instilled in me by my mentor in Emerge – Prof. Hariharan and those have become my tickets towards efficiently clearing CMA Part 1 & 2 examinations, all in my first attempt. His expertise and methods of teaching have helped me a lot in my preparation. Choosing EMERGE is indeed a right choice for me !
Mary Jean P. Matildo - CMA
Customer Financial Services Representative / Accountant, Federal Express International
Sense of purpose goes with determination. If you desire to achieve something you have to plan and give your heart to it. Emerge personally Mr. Hari played a significant role in sharing his professional experience and motivating his students. He is not just a professor, but a real mentor and motivator rolled into one.
Catherine Torres - MBA - CMA
Accounting Manager, MTN (Dubai) Limited, Dubai UAE
Prof. Hariharan is extremely knowledgeable and his knowledge sharing through excellent classroom lectures, study notes and real life examples really helped a lot in my studies and passing the CPA exam successfully. Emerge support team continually look to instill the commitment required from the candidates to achieve the success.
Yogesh Sharma - CPA
Internal Auditor, Kanoo Group of Companies
Prof. Hariharan is extremely knowledgeable and his knowledge sharing through excellent classroom lectures, study notes and real life examples really helped a lot in my studies and passing the CPA exam successfully. Emerge support team continually look to instill the commitment required from the candidates to achieve the success.
Rahul Babla - CPA
Head of Cash Management, Emirates Global Aluminum
Follow the lectures & always try your best; as Prof. Hari himself doesn't believe in luck, it's only hard work and your perseverance of the goal can only lead to success; absolutely nothing else.
Anil Castelino - BBM, MBA - CMA
Panasonic Marketing MEA FZE.
Prof. Hari is plethora of knowledge and best part of his teaching is to relate situation with practical example for easy understanding and the valuable tips for passing the exam. Further as we always say, there is no shortcut to hard work.
Ajay Swami - CPA
Manager, Bhatia Brothers
After my B.Com graduation, Emerge guided me to choose CPA. I feel great to clear CPA in 10 months and the youngest student to achieve this feat. I am obliged to Hari Sir and the entire Emerge, team. Without their guidance and unconditional support, it would not have been possible. Three cheers for EMERGE!!
Tina Bhatia - B.Com - CPA
Dubai, UAE
“EMERGE Powerpoint, class notes, practicing maximum no. of MCQs and time management in exam are keys to Success.”
Dipin Issac - B.Com - CPA
Group Finance Executive, Habtoor Leighton Group, Dubai UAE
Registering with IMA, renewing it yearly, but never taken the studies seriously...sounds too familiar?! Then, I decided to join Emerge, and Prof. Hari’s exam-focused training and classroom energy helped me to qualify CMA in 8 months flat! Thanks Prof. Hari, for Emerge."
Jyothi Narasimhan - MBA - CMA
Management Accountant Al Futtaim, Marks & Spencer
EMERGE lectures, presentations and practicing multiple choice questions were the keys to my reaching the goal in my first attempt. Great instructions and all around thumbs up to EMERGE.
Deeto Francis Paul - MBA, CMA
Abu Dhabi, UAE
It would have been impossible to achieve the CMA qualification without Prof. Hari’s study notes, inevitable interactive classes, mentoring, exam tips and finally the mock tests. If I ever wish to achieve another professional qualification, I would like to be a student of Emerge. Wishing the best to all aspirants and EMERGE team.
Umesh Pai - CMA
Financial Analyst, Corporate Finance Economic Zones World
Accountant, FEDEX, Dubai UAE
Uzma Kanuga - CMA
Accountant, FEDEX, Dubai UAE
Selecting the right coach is very important in the success of professional exams like CMA. This is where I could fully depend on Emerge. Professor�s simple and logical explanations helped me in understanding the concepts and applying it in answering the exam questions.
Rajeev Nair - CMA
Finance Manager, Anchor Chemicals, Dubai UAE
"It is ecstatic to clear all papers of CPA in first attempt and within a year. Simple, lucid and interactive style of teaching with practical examples, comprehensive class notes, hard work and great support extended by Emerge staff was the recipe of my success. The quality teaching offered by Prof. Hari is impeccable.”
Ali Hussain - CPA
Assistant Manager - Internal Audit , Dubai, UAE
Hari Sir’s notes and his way of making things simple to understand and remember (through real life examples & acronyms) helped a lot in my studies.He gave me a guru mantra for passing CPA C - CommitmentP - PracticeA - Attend all classesI followed his instructions to clear CPA in the first attempt within a short span of time. According to Sir, nothing is impossible if you are committed to achieve what you desire.
Rajesh Shenoy - CA, CISA - CPA
Senior Manager, Rivoli Group, Dubai UAE
I thank the entire Emerge Team for their whole hearted support and co-operation. Classroom lectures, Study Notes and Mock Tests had helped considerably in passing all papers in first attempt and with good marks.
Anees Ali - ACS, M.Com, CMA - CPA
Investment Corporation of Dubai, Dubai, UAE
Hard work is the secret of success that I learnt from Prof. Hariharan, His wisdom and teaching methodology is high inspiration to the learner. Support of emerge team facilitate me to complete the exam successfully.
Ashraf Ali - CMA
Wud Flowers, Dubai UAE
Knowledgeable classroom sessions with practical examples, well designed and organized study materials and especially exhaustive mock tests enabled me to pass the exam with high scores in first attempt in both parts.
Mukesh Harwani - CMA
Accountant Inventory & Retail, African + Eastern Dubai
Emerge is a great learning experience where I had the chance to meet and interact with Professor Hariharan D., a highly qualified professional, that inspired me with his success story. I have achieved my CMA here and I started my CPA to continue my journey….
Khalid Chami - CMA
Financial Controller, Majid Al Futtaim Retail LLC - Carrefour Dubai, UAE
Without EMERGE it would not have been possible for me to complete the CMA examination in my first attempt. A word of advice to all students, - do take advantage of all the extra questions and mock tests the institute provides. It really helps. Thank you very much Hari Sir, you’ve been the best guide anyone could have asked for.
Pinky M. Khatanhar - B.Com - CMA
Dubai, UAE
"For me, it was a tough journey by all means to be a CPA. But the experienced hands of Prof. Hari and the well planned and executed training at Emerge led me safely through the troubled waters to my ultimate aim.”
Jayakrishnan R. - CPA
Finance Manager, Hills & Fort Construction LLC, Dubai, UAE
I came to “EMERGE” after an unsatisfactory experience from other institute. Mr. Hariharan’s quality teaching and support helped me to pass CMA within 1 year. Class exercises, Homework & Mock-Test conducted at “EMERGE” guided me to achieve my goal.
Sachin Vasant Budholkar - CMA
Management Accountant, IKEA – UAE & Qatar (Al Futtaim Group) Dubai, UAE
The classes were information packed, punctual and very exam oriented. The complex concepts were simplified and well supported with memorable real life examples.
Lijo Thomas - CMA
Risk & Compliance Officer,Al Rostamani Intl.,Dubai UAE
I thank Prof. Hariharan and Emerge team for successfully passing the CMA examination in first attempt. It became possible for me under his coaching and guidance. Choosing Emerge was my first step in succeeding the examination... this come along with good study habit and prayers are my secrets in passing the examination.
Odyzeus Bono - CMA
Real Estate - Chalhoub Group, Accountant, Dubai,UAE
Excellent training, guidance, examination strategy backed up by encouragement helped me to pass the exams. I wish Emerge Institute all success to churn out more professionals. I recommend Emerge to pursue professional courses.
Milind Kini - CMA
Milind Kini - CMA
EMERGE team led by Prof. Hariharan was with me from the start of this program until successfully acquiring my certification. CMA was possible through embracing the guidance, tools, and continuous support of Prof. Hariharan. Thanks EMERGE team.
Sameer Hussain - CMA
Dubai, UAE
“Smart work and Proper Time Schedule” is the stepping stone for every Success. Professor’s incredible teaching style with industrial experiences was a real motivation for me to continue my studies. ”EMERGE” is the best institute I have ever been since I have joined 2 more other coaching institutes previously as part of my CMA studies. I will be a CPA student in Emerge soon.
Shaji Ellath Poil - B.Com - CMA
Chief Executive Officer, Accentric Management, Dubai, UAE
EMERGE is a trusted partner for CPA studies. Professor Hariharan is instrumental to reinstate my core concepts and from there I build my blocks. Training from Emerge and commitment towards study will definitely take to the milestone of CPA.
Thomas Mathew - CPA
Accounting Manager, Halliburton Eastern Hemisphere Business Support Center
I completed my CPA in first attempt and within 1 year. I attribute my success to Emerge’s effective Instruction, confidence instilled and its valuable guidance. The atmosphere in the class is very good. Emerge classes, hard work, and Mock tests ensured success in my CPA exams.
Anita Ramakant Sambhus - ACA - CPA
Dubai, UAE
I would like to thank Emerge for the solid methodology and guidance provided during the course, which helped me to pass in first attempt itself. I really enjoyed the positiveness that runs throughout the program.
Divya Santosh - CMA
Manager Accounts, Pan Cyber Information Tech. LLC
I cleared my CMA in first attempt with tremendous support, guidance, exam oriented classroom training, well-designed mock test and Hari Sir’s admirable coaching with sharing his industry experience. Good luck to Emerge and aspiring professionals.
Sundararaman V. - CMA
GENPACT Services LLC, Senior Manager
“It feels great to have passed the CMA exams… Books, all extra materials, PowerPoint presentations and mock tests really helped me in preparing for and clearing all my exams. I thank Professor Hariharan and the Emerge team for all their support, guidance and encouragement.
Shilpa Chandy - CMA
Dubai, UAE
“Finally managed to get this prestigious qualification, mainly due to the excellent coaching and work ethic of Hari Sir, motivation & soft reprimands by the Administration and the overall positive atmosphere by the support staff. Now I am pretty sure CPA is within reach. To aspirants a simple message - Focus and work hard, follow the directions of Hari Sir, relax and give your exams. Rest be assured, you will PASS”
Krishnakumar Iyer - CMA
Group Financial Controller, ARJ Holding LLC
I have been able to clear the CMA exam due to Prof. Hariharan’s guidance. Please follow the lectures closely and prepare for the exam on a daily basis… Pursuit of the purpose and single minded devotion is the key to success.
Ravi Ratnam Balan - CMA
Manager Payable, Dubai Airports, UAE
Thanks to Emerge and Prof. Hariharan, who gave me courage and continuous advice to make my dreams of becoming a worldwide recognized professional to come true. With hard work I passed both parts of CMA within five months.
Qingkui Qiu (Bruce) - CMA
Accounts Assistant - Finance Department, Dubai Duty Free
Simple Presentation of even Difficult Problems well supported with Practical Examples helps in understanding the Concepts well. Class Lectures, Class Notes, PP Presentations & Mock Tests all will help to face the real challenge of Examinations
Rafeek Saidali - CMA
Chief Accountant, Fortune International Trading Co. LLC
Prof. Hariharan is indeed an exceptionally great teacher who infuses the right kind of motivation besides the right knowledge and path to ensure that his students achieve their goal. In fact, the entire team of Emerge Institute provides all the support to every student. It is the blend of their support and a student's sincere efforts that is needed to become a CMA.
Keerat Kaur - CMA
Dubai, UAE
Knowledgeable guidance has changed my career and life. I am very grateful for the enormous help and support. Thankfulness is next to Godliness so let me thank EMERGE from the bottom of my heart for helping me to achieve the most challenging CPA Examinations.
Madhusoodanan - B.Com, ACMA - CPA
Financial Analyst, Control and Applications Emirates, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Passing both parts of the New CMA, and on first attempt, is extraordinary. And I would like to thank Allah for this great victory. One of the successes is a great coach. That’s what Prof. Hariharan is. I most of all appreciated the illustration he gave from his personal professional experience. That was helpful in better understanding concepts.
Omar Smad - MBA - CMA
Abu Dhabi U.A.E
I was able to complete all 4 sections of the CPA exams within 6 months. Wiley Text, Test Bank, class room discussion and Emerge materials helped me a lot in clearing the exams. The mock tests, the marks of which almost resemble my actual exam scores, were very helpful for my exam preparation. I am glad to be associated with the Emerge Management team.
Finacial Manager, Retail & Beyond Commercial Investment LLC
...Emerge gave the right platform and guidance to pursue my goal. Professor Hariharan is a great person and the most inspirational teacher with whose support and motivation, I could complete CPA course within one year.
Dhananjay Mulay - M.Com, ACA, CIA - CPA
Finance & Administration Director, Gardner Denver FZE, Dubai, UAE
“I passed all 4 papers in the first attempt, (FAR 96, AUD 95, REG 89, BEC 89), I made a great decision in joining Emerge for my CPA. Prof. Hariharan’s approach to CPA exam is quite unique and is very effective for time-bound completion of CPA. I thank Prof. Hariharan and Emerge team for this success.”
Shyju Samuel - ACMA - CPA
Project Accountant, Momentum Engineering LLC, Dubai, UAE
Knowledgeable guidance has changed my career and life. I am very grateful for the enormous help and support. Thankfulness is next to Godliness so let me thank EMERGE from the bottom of my heart for helping me to achieve the most challenging CPA Examinations.
Oggu Bala Krishna - B.Com, ACMA - CPA
Finance Manager, IFFCO Group, Dubai, UAE
Whilst explaining the difficult concepts, the rich industrial experience of Prof. Hariharan simplifies them to the extent that they become a part of our system. His golden words are worth quoting …”Never mug up… Imbibe the concepts…. So that they become a part of you”. …EMERGE Is definite to EMERGE over the years for the benefit of the society at large
Ravi Kulkarni - CMA
Manager Internal Audit & Business Control,Al Sayegh Brothers, UAE
“I thank for EMERGE’s continuous guidance and motivation from beginning till end. Excellent teaching methodology with conceptual understanding, study materials, presentations, mock tests coupled with dedication and commitment, my dream to become CPA has been realized with Emerge."
Nimesh Doshi - BCom, ACMA, ACS - CPA
Finance Manager,Golin Harris,Dubai,UAE
…Put in your 100% effort, go by Professor’s advice, think positively and you are future CMA. The resources are right there at EMERGE, just grab them and success is all yours.
Ranjita Mohan - CMA
Senior Accountant, Dubai International Capital LLC
The best part of the classes were the real life examples which made the classes very lively and interesting. Also, the class notes were highly helpful for last minute revisions – the notes were the crux of what was needed to clear the exam.
Sowmya Iyyaswami - BCom, ACA, ACMA - CMA,CPA
Dubai, UAE
Vast experience and knowledge of the Professor, interactive classes, class exercises, mock tests, and support of EMEGE Team assured me to achieve CMA in 9 months
Samir Vasant Budholkar - M.Com, ACMA, CPA - CMA
Finance Executive, Emaar Properties PJSC, Dubai, UAE
I am proud to say, that I pass my CMA in 6 months on 1st attempt and the credit goes to EMERGE. I appreciate the instructor's availability for all students to clarify all doubts. Soon I will enroll for CPA in EMERGE.
Lalith Chintamaneni - CMA
Senior Management Accountant, Mouchel Middle East Ltd, UAE
Emerge Institute coaching really helped me to understand the concepts and make my CMA exam preparation adequate. Above all, the guidance and encouragement from Prof. Hariharan was a real motivation to pass the exams.
Suresh Kumar - B.Com - CMA
Manager Accounts, Al Reyami Group Dubai, UAE
I could achieve CMA in short span of time, in first attempt itself. Emerge unique guiding style will help us to reach our goal. Emerge, as the word means, help us to be a winner.
Kavitha Krishnakumari - CA - CMA
Dubai, UAE
I’m grateful to EMERGE on my successful completion of CMA in 1st attempt. Instructor’s vast experience and guidance helped me through this journey.
R. Jayachandran - CMA
Accounts Manager, Al Bas Refrigeration Est., UAE
I cleared CMA- Part 1 in 1st attempt and thanks to the guidance, teaching and experience of the instructor.
Jackie Bhagnani - CMA
Kunaltex, Dubai U.A.E
I owe my success in CMA examinations in 5 months to classroom sessions with simple examples from real world experience, conceptual clarity, mock tests, and instructors’ availability to clear the doubts. I thank the EMERGE team.
Jacxy Ouseph - CMA
Dubai, UAE
Thanks God for the successful completion of my study. I really appreciate Prof. Hariharan’s dedication and effort who has worked hard like a caring father who is eager to see the success of his children. The deep knowledge he has in the subject matter together with his systematic way of presenting was vital for my success. Furthermore attending classes, efficient utilization of time, practicing as much MCQ as possible on the Wiley test bank and the books, attending the mock exams are the key for my success.
Makda Abraham - CPA - CMA
Dubai, UAE
…I would like to thank EMERGE team for providing support and direction to pass CMA in less than 6 months
Rohit Pachauri - CMA
Asst. Finance Manager, Al Gurg Unilever LLC., UAE
I take this opportunity to thank Emerge Institute and specially Prof. Hariharan, who inspired me in 2008 to go for CPA. The counselling at the beginning, the classes, and the preparation module made it easy for me for the exam. All I can say that if one attends the classes properly and follow the preparation module suggested by Prof. Hariharan, one can get through CPA.
Sandeep Jain - BCom, ACA, ACMA - CPA
Finance Manager, Al Aqili, Dubai, UAE
Interactive classes, motivations, inspirations and examination strategy from EMERGE were the keys to my success.
Vishal Suvarna - CMA
Senior Accountant, Philips Middle East
I have no doubt in saying that I owe my success to EMERGE for the excellent training and continuous support.
Twinkle Raveendranath - CMA
Accountant, Dubai Aluminium Company Limited, UAE
EMERGE effective classrooms instruction, mock tests and support till examinations, made me possible to pass CMA in less than one year.
Venkatesh Narayanan - CMA
Finance Manager, DORMA Middle East LLC,Dubai, UAE
EMERGE supported me after review sessions too. It gave me right direction in achieving CMA certification.
Shrikant C .Gangawane - CMA
Finance Analyst, Johnson & Johnson, UA
Review classes taken at Emerge as well as class materials and additional questions provided by Emerge has helped me a lot to complete exams successfully. Thanks to Prof. Hariharan as well as entire Emerge staff for their continuous support & guidance.
Zaheer Abbas - B.Com - CMA
Manager – Core Banking Projects,Mashreq Bank, Dubai, UAE
I am happy to be a part of the elite group of professionals. I would highlight ‘Emerge’ to be one of the main reasons for my success as I reckon we need a guide to take us through the path leading to professional attainment & Prof. Hariharan with his loads of experience acts as a catalyst in transforming us to excellence
Santhana Krishnan - CMA
Financial Controller, Rasmala Investment Bank Ltd. Dubai
Emerge has developed a sure-success formula for CMA. Prof. Hari’s all-round approach including focus areas, exam preparation and comfortable class room atmosphere makes the CMA journey a stress free one. Above all his genuine interest in every student’s progress makes him a true GURU.
Ramalingam Thangavel - CMA
GM Finance, Landmark Group
...Attending all classes, solving exercises, giving all mock tests, staying focused and dedicated, I could realize my dream in my first attempt within one year.
Evita Veigas - CMA
Revenue Analyst, Emirates Airlines, UAE
Just attended Prof. Hari's classes & followed his notes; attempted all Wiley questions & I could complete my CPA in 2 windows. Prof. Hari, in his classes & notes, gives us all that we need to pass the CPA exam; we just need to take advantage of it.
Hardeep Singh Soni - CPA
General Manager, Suhail Bahwan Automotive Group
“It gives a great feeling to clear CPA in 1st attempt (90, 90, 93 & 96). Special thanks to EMERGE for their guidance and support. My advice to students is to attend all classes, regular study and practice maximum MCQs.”
Sanjeev Kumar Khera - ACA - CPA
Assistant Finance Manager Emirates Refining Company Ltd.
When I was tentative and hesitant about CPA, EMERGE gave me so much of inspiration and motivation. I passed all papers (91,90,83,82) of CPA exam in first attempt. Mr. Hariharan is exceptional teacher with wealth of knowledge and experience. I salute him with respect and gratitude.
Sanjeevi - CPA
Chief Accountant, GIBCA Ltd., UAE
At one stage, i had thought that CMA is rocket science. Prof. Hari’s immense support & guidance helped me to rebuild my confidence. EMERGE polished my skills with class work questions & MOCK Tests. I would like to share with future CMA’s, that solve as many questions, glance through the flash cards & make sure you give all the MOCK tests, they are really helpful. Thanks a million! Prof. Hari, without your support & guidance I would have never sailed through.
Jitesh Matta - B.Com - CMA
Accounts Manager, Al Rais Travel, Dubai, UAE
I have completed CMA certification with the help of EMERGE. The classes made it easy to understand the concepts and topics. I thank EMERGE for their valuable advice and support during the courses of my CMA.
Shinju Josh - CMA
Finance Manager, Transworld Aviation
25 Years after graduation, studying & completing CMA exam could be possible only because of Hari Sir’s guidance and support.
Gopala Krishnan - CMA
Business Analyst, Al Futtaim Engineering
D. Hariharan, familiar to us as Hari Sir, a committed profound professional, who facilitated exposure to entire course in his unique style. His passionate involvement, in particular with me, motivates to deliver more than the capacity of individual. Hari Sir facilitates theory coupled with his practical approach of story which makes subjects crystal clear. Professional with emotional bonding with institute and him is eternal.
Vivek Gajanan Sinha - ACMA, ACS, DBF, CPA
Regional Financial Controller Gulf States and Middle East at Frosroc Int`l Ltd