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"Gaining Momentum as a Global Norm"
• To understand the role of IFRS in the new emerging accounting world
• To understand and apply IFRS in professional life more effectively
• To keep track of these continuously evolving standards
• To enhance skills of accountants to be globally competent
Course Overview

The growing global acceptance of IFRS, as a basis for the presentation of financial statements creates a need for finance and accounting professionals to gain knowledge and experience on these standards. Even those with basic understanding of IFRS are required to constantly update their knowledge because of the fast evolution of these standards. As of now, more than 120 countries have transitioned to IFRS including Europe, Russia, China, Japan, Australia. Canada and India and few more countries are adopting IFRS with effect from 2014. United States has drawn out road map for transition to IFRS.

This course will facilitate better understanding of the role of IFRS in the world, every standard & its application in functional area, to handle new challenges arising from emerging new business environment and to lead the team of accounting professionals with confidence & competence.

Course Content
• IFRS Conceptual Frame Work
• Financial Statements Presentation
• Presentation of Assets & Liabilities
• Recognition of Revenue & Expenses
• Other Reporting Issues
• Business Combination and Consolidation
• Financial Instruments
• First time Adoption of IFRS
Who Should Join?
• Group Finance Director
• Chief Accountant
• Finance Managers
• Bank Managers
• Financial Controllers
• Accountants
• Financial Analyst
• Auditors
• Portfolio Managers
Mode of Delivery
Review Module
• 10 Sessions of 3 hours each
• Time: 6:30 - 9:30 pm
• Days: Every Saturday
• Venue: EMERGE Training Facility
This course can be specially delivered to structure & companies.